Aspire Healthy Vitality


The fresh, astringent taste of cranberries has made them a popular juice choice around the world. These ruby jewels are definitely not just for Christmas, and are Aspire’s original fruit flavour!


Aspire Drinks

Aspire is a tasty, lightly carbonated beverage available in three flavours, Cranberry, Apple and Acai, and Mango Lemonade. Aspire’s unique blend of active ingredients support sustainable healthy energy, calorie burn and weight loss.


– Lightly carbonated, healthy energy drink. Natural caffeine derived from Premium Green Tea & Guarana Seed.
– No Calories, No Carbs, No Sugar.
– Supports weight loss/management and helps burn nutritional calories.
– Vitamin enriched. Contains vitamins B6, B12, C, Biotin & Niacin.
– Suitable for Diabetics, Vegetarians & Vegans.

Nutrition facts per

per 100 ml


3.8 kJ/0.8 kcal

Total Fat

0,0 g

of which Saturated Fatty Acids

0,0 g

Total Carbohydrate

0,1 g

of which Sugars

0,1 g


0,1 g


0,04 g

Amount of vitamins per

100 ml

Vitamin C

12 mg | 15% RI


4 mg | 25% RI

Pantothenic Acid

1,9 mg | 32% RI

Vitamin B6

1 mg | 71% RI


27 μg | 54% RI

Vitamin B12

1 μg | 48% RI