Food & Beverage supplements crafted for your daily pleasure

Care Waters

Daily Activity Support!

Care Waters contains clinically or scientifically proven ingredients that help alleviate long-term fatigue, weakened immunity, and digestion, or support overall well-being, mental performance, and physical regeneration. Indulge in low-calorie beverages, naturally sweetened by fruit for full flavor and sustainable energy release.

Care Bubbles

Regeneration & Continuous Prevention!

Care Bubbles is one of the most complex functional drinks available on the market! The unique formula offers a perfect solution for continuous prevention and paves a journey towards sustainable vitality and healthy aging.


Its extraordinary blend includes the first science-backed Vegan Collagen Alternative – a blend of 19 amino acids, Coenzyme Q10, 74 Sea Minerals, and a combination of 6 key Vitamins beneficial for long-term health and well-being. Care Bubbles offer benefits for improvement of the skin, strengthening bones and joints, they also support gut health, cardiovascular health, and boost immunity. Enjoy Care Bubbles, available in two flavors: Sour Cherry & Rose or Grapefruit & Hibiscus.

Main benefits

Mental Performance

Unlock your true potential and stay focused even on the most challenging days.

Inner Balance

Discover inner balance through healthy habits and nurture lasting harmony.

Sustained Energy

Embrace life to the fullest. Bid farewell to lasting fatigue and exhaustion.

Physical Regeneration

Stronger bones, flexible joints, radiant skin. Experience the power of Vegan Collagen and Sea Minerals.

Immunity and Gut Health

Embark on a journey to a healthier you. Boost immunity in a delicious and natural way.