Care Water BRAIN

Stay sharp and focused even during the most challenging days with Care Water BRAIN, a refreshing, non-carbonated functional drink specially crafted to enhance your cognitive performance, learning capabilities, and overall concentration. Packed with active ingredients like Alpha GPC and Acetyl L-carnitine, it actively supports and stimulates your cognitive functions, making it the ideal choice for tackling demanding tasks. Plus, it’s free from preservatives and artificial additives, offering the great taste of green lemon and pomelo to power you through your busy work days when top performance is essential.

 Our expert team has specially crafted Care Water BRAIN to enhance your cognitive activity, learning, and overall focus, especially during busy workdays. 

Inside Care Water BRAIN you will discover: 

  • a unique blend of Alpha GPC and Acetyl L-carnitine,
  • Vitamin E,
  • a unique CARE LAB Vitamin blend, including Vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12.

These clinically and scientifically proven ingredients offer numerous benefits for the brain, such as improved mental and cognitive performance, memory enhancement, and increased attention.