To keep the body fit and healthy, regular exercise is essential


To keep the body fit and healthy, regular exercise is essential. You need a fitness machine, which is effective and you can rely on. The PowerBoard 3.0 is a more than reliable partner when it comes to improving your fitness. When the vibrating plate is vibrated by the powerful motor, sophisticated tilting motions provide training for strength, endurance and elasticity.


Due to the frequency range of 8 to 22 Hertz and the increased number of 99 speed levels, the PowerBoard 3.0is recommended especially for sports users who are looking to make their training even more effective.

The PowerBoard 3.0 is characterized by its high-quality components. To ensure stability and noise reduction, the board has a sturdy high-performance motor, a clever damping system and practical rubber feet. To transport the PowerBoard 3.0 comfortably from one place to another, there are side-mounted transport rollers on the vibration plate, which can also be used as carrying handles.


To monitor the heart rate, the board Bluetooth is compatible and can be used in combination with a pure heart rate monitor (no smartwatch!)or a pulse chest belt to show the pulse on the PowerBoard display. In addition, various automatic graphs, as well as quickly manually adjustable processes offer a comprehensive training program that leaves nothing to be desired.


Our Active Bands are the perfect addition to your PowerBoard 3.0 training. Based on the workout and your personal fitness level, these bands can be used by beginners and advanced users as an effective whole body workout.


Three types of resistance allow a diversified training – suitable for any fitness level.