PowerSlider Fitness Set

There Are No More Excuses


PowerSlider the 6 part. Train your whole body and have a lot of fun doing it.

With the PowerSliders you can easily and comfortably train at home. For an effective and intensive whole body workout, you no longer have to go to a gym, you can save time and build muscle in your own four walls. Through effective exercises with the PowerSliders, the whole body can be promoted more. B. even smaller, deep-lying muscles are stressed and stabilized. The PowerSlider brings as much joy as efficiency to your sports program. They promote trunk stability and improve coordination and mobility. The PowerSlider can easily be used by both professionals and beginners.


In addition to the excellent training-relevant properties of the PowerSlider, the compact size and low weight are also very advantageous – so they can be easily taken with you on trips and on vacation.