Vitamin Water


Blueberry & Acai

Non-carbonated, non-alcoholic beverage from spring water with natural blueberry and acai berry flavors, with added vitamins and Coenzyme Q10. Content of fruit: minimum 2%.


Coenzyme Q10 – antioxidant, it protects skin from free radicals.

Coenzyme Q10 or vitamin Q is present in human body cells, mainly in heart muscles, brain and liver. CoQ10 plays a functional role in fighting cell-damaging free radicals within the body. Our body can partly produce this vitamin, but its consumption is very high. Lack of Q10 can lead to general weakening, it can lower your concentration and acceleration of ageing of internal organs as well as ageing of skin cells. This is due to lower ability of cell regeneration in body.


High source of vitamins

The basic of every drink is the same combination and high dosage of all vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 up to 150% of recommended daily dosage. This aspect differs us from our competition.

Nutrition facts per

per 100 ml


42 kJ/10 kcal

Total Fat

<0,1 g

of which Saturated Fatty Acids

<0,1 g

Total Carbohydrate

2,5 g

of which Sugars

2,5 g


<0,1 g


<0,1 g


<0,1 g

Amount of vitamins per

400 ml | NRV

Vitamin C

96 mg | 120%

Vitamin B6

1,68 mg | 120%

Folic Acid

240 μg | 120%


19,2 mg | 120%

Pantothenic Acid

7,2 mg | 120%

Vitamin B12

3 μg | 120%