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Main benefits

Symbiotic Hospital-Grade Technology has many Benefits


Homes and workplaces are not normally cleaned as intensively as hospitals. The patented ultrasonic SYMBIOS system was developed to bring all the benefits of symbiotic hospital-grade technology into homes and workplaces.


Disinfectants fight germs, but not for long; the MBC Probiotic Air Purifier with SYMBIO® technology reduces risk permanently!


A Healthier interior is essential for the Health of the whole family @home @work @hospitals @gyms @wellness @schools @aircrafts @hotels @dentists @doctors @offices @public places @in cars @in toilets.

Safety for all

MBC products are 100% safe, with ingredients sourced from nature.
The probiotics come from soil and water, while the prebiotics come from chicory roots. The exceptional reliability of the products is evidenced by the fact that they have been used for many years in hospitals, schools and childcare centres.


The manufacturer has also obtained major quality and safety labels, including ATCC Class 1, a QPS from the European Food Safety Authority, the EU Ecolabel, and positive toxicity reports from the OECD. In addition, MBC’s ingredients have been approved for use in cosmetics, which are subject to extremely strict safety requirements!

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