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A real fitness miracle with an infinite number of training options.
MediPull – the all-rounder for at home and on the go
An unprecedented product: designed, thought out and produced with a lot of passion for everyone’s well-being.


Due to the infinite number of training options, the lower and upper body are kept fit. Whether outdoors, in the hotel or in your own living room – everything is possible for an effective workout. The MediPull is easily stowed and can be used almost anywhere on the go. The only requirement is a smooth surface. The MediPull is accessible to everyone who is looking for a great alternative to free weights – whether beginner or professional. Thanks to three different resistance levels, the MediPull can be adapted to your fitness level in no time at all and individualized for all exercises. Regardless of whether you are building up strength or just tightening up – all body groups can be trained using various training methods.

Additional Information

130*120*275 (mm)


0,97 kg / Total: 1,29 kg


Pull Tension (N): Level 1: 2,5 kg, Level 2: 5,0 kg, level 3: 7,5 kg